Acrylic on canvas

7" by 13"

When i was a little girl every summer i would visit my grandmother in Florida. Her house was painted bright orange and was covered in a array of tropical plants and citris trees. Inside were large windows looking over the Gulf of Mexico. My Grandmother is a very vibrant women always encouraging me to do my best and to follow my passions. "Everyone has a passion." She said and my passion is orchids. In my Grandmothers terrace she had dozens of orchids hanging, and sitting from every direction. The orchids were so symetrical and clean looking, "orchids have a beauty that no other flower posses." she would say. Every weekend in my Grandmothers town they had an orchid sale. People from all over Florida came togther to buy and trade orchids. This simple obession my Grandmother had with orchids made me think of how the simpelst things can make one so happy.