Acrylic on canvas

7" by 13"

When i was a little girl every summer i would visit my grandmother in Florida. Her house was painted bright orange and was covered in a array of tropical plants and citris trees. Inside were large windows looking over the Gulf of Mexico. My Grandmother is a very vibrant women always encouraging me to do my best and to follow my passions. "Everyone has a passion." She said and my passion is orchids. In my Grandmothers terrace she had dozens of orchids hanging, and sitting from every direction. The orchids were so symetrical and clean looking, "orchids have a beauty that no other flower posses." she would say. Every weekend in my Grandmothers town they had an orchid sale. People from all over Florida came togther to buy and trade orchids. This simple obession my Grandmother had with orchids made me think of how the simpelst things can make one so happy.

Layered Rose Bag

Faux Leather
8"by 14"

To obtain personnel growth I believe everyone should gain layers. Layers that distinct ones personality, perspective, and self. I grew up in Rincon, Puerto Rico where my parents were both self employed artists. My mother and father have influenced me to become an artistic individual. I am constantly designing and carving my own path in the world. My heart and soul is in Puerto Rico where the palm trees sway and the ocean crashes, but when i was eight years old i moved to the complete opposite location, Ashland Oregon. Ashland is surrounded by pine trees and snowy mountains. These diverse locations have given me layers of adventure and perspective. Where you live I think greatly influences your way of life and personalty. I have learned a lot about myself in thees two locations and have gained many layers of self improvement. I visit Puerto Rico twice a year, the change of environment inspires me tremendously. I hope in my life I will be able to experience many different things that will add to my layers.

Puzzeled Beauty

Pencil on Paper
12" by 24"

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yes, it has become a cliche, but as with most stereotypes and cliche's there is some measure of truth in it. There are many things that we could call beautiful, a sunset, a flower, a green pasture and even a cascade of mountains. But I suppose when most people talk about the subject of beauty they are thinking of the beauty of a woman. As we tear through magazines and the Internet we are judging one anothers physical beauty. Everyone has a different perception of beauty, this involves a personnel preference. Beauty in my eyes is a collection of puzzle pieces. When the puzzle pieces fit it becomes absolute beauty, but as nature indented no one can hold absolute beauty so pieces in the puzzle therefore might be missing. No one is perfect and but yet we still can see direct beauty no matter what pieces are missing.