Puzzeled Beauty

Pencil on Paper
12" by 24"

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yes, it has become a cliche, but as with most stereotypes and cliche's there is some measure of truth in it. There are many things that we could call beautiful, a sunset, a flower, a green pasture and even a cascade of mountains. But I suppose when most people talk about the subject of beauty they are thinking of the beauty of a woman. As we tear through magazines and the Internet we are judging one anothers physical beauty. Everyone has a different perception of beauty, this involves a personnel preference. Beauty in my eyes is a collection of puzzle pieces. When the puzzle pieces fit it becomes absolute beauty, but as nature indented no one can hold absolute beauty so pieces in the puzzle therefore might be missing. No one is perfect and but yet we still can see direct beauty no matter what pieces are missing.